This project was completed by Paul Singh as part of a module during his audio production Bsc and received a grade of a first. For this particular project Paul was completely responsible for the production of all audio samples used within the footage. He was handed a silent piece of footage which then had to be completely planned out and scored.

For the film scoring Paul utilised a number of recording, mixing and production techniques to achieve the desired sound. The recording stage harnessed the use of creative foley techniques, such as: using celery stick and carrots to emphasise the sound of bones breaking; placing twigs into a blanket, which was then stepped on, to give the sound of footsteps in a woodland; attending woodland ares at a time which matched that of the film to acquire the ‘room tone’ necessary.

The process of capturing sounds saw a number of different microphones being utilised along with different analogue and digital mixing consoles. For the in studio foley recording the use of cardioid condenser microphones was determined to be the most suitable for their ability to capture a hint of the room while focusing on the source of sound which the diaphragm is facing. In contrast to the in studio microphone selection, the field recording was completed using a stereo Zoom microphone which allowed for more flexibility while in a noisy environment, along with stereo localisation.

To complete the mixing process of the production Paul utilised the Digidesign Icon console linked to the professional DAW Pro Tools.