Glittering Nightmare was a project which was managed by Paul Singh within AudioHaus Studios, London. The project involved turning the client’s initial idea of an acoustic song with a vocal track into one with further instrumentation and production.

Adding to the laid back vibe of the first ideas of the artist, it was agreed to further produce the record using an electric guitar, mini organ and a shaker. The recording process utilised the DAW Logic Pro X and all equipment was processed through a mix of digital interfaces/sound cards and analogue pre-amps. For this particular track the Rupert Neve Designs 511 pre amp was used on the vocals while the Neve 1073 was used on the instrumentation.

The microphones used within this project were: Telefunken CU29 (VOX), Shure SM57 (Electric Guitar Amp), AKG C414 in x/y (Acoustic guitar).

To mix the project the UAD plugin suite was utilised along with the Slate digital plugin suite.