Paul has been working within the music industry for over a decade starting as a self produced hip hop emcee and graduating to professional audio engineer/producer for the respected AudioHaus studios. He is currently in the final module of a bachelors degree in audio production at SAE Institute, London.

While he possess a strong working knowledge of most digital audio workstations, Paul also has a competant working knowledge of SSL and Neve consoles, specifically the G+, VR Lengend, Custom 75, Genesys, Duality and AWS 900.

As a mix engineer he beholds experience in utilising a number of outboard effects processsors, compressors, EQ's and limiters. Competant working knowledge of digital signal flow and patchbay routing are also areas where Paul has a respectable level of experiece.


Multitrack Mixing
Paul has a long standing passion for multitrack mixing and has over a decode of experience with the industry leading DAW, Pro Tools. He also has a solid level of experience and knowledge with professional analogue mixing desks.
Recording Engineer
As a recording engineer Paul has completed a number projects involving a variety of miking techniques and musical styles. He has experience in both analogue and digital recording methods.
As a producer Paul has worked with numerous bands that have a variety of musical styles. He has experience using a wide range of outboard equipment and digital plugins.