Thursday , 17 April 2014
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Try And Stop Me [Mixtape] [Free Download]


As a Christmas surprise for all those checking on him, London born hip hop artist, Just P, has released his long anticipated mixtape Try And Stop.

The full length release is a compilation of Just P’s work since early 2013 which, features eighteen completely original tracks and, production from various talented producers around Europe including; Sofa King, Charlie Mac, Pro P and Politiks, to name a few.

For this latest project, Just P has called in the services of a couple fellow UK based hip hop artists for collaborations – Hertfordshire born Ruthless on the chilled track Night Riders, and Manchester based Bigfoot on a more aggressive song, Something Fresh.

Try And Stop Me is Just P’s third independent full length mixtape and acts as an in-depth commentary into the ups and downs of the past year of his life, boasting a wide variety of musical styles and concepts.

Being a firm believer in keeping his music personal and relevant to his circumstances, Try And Stop Me see’s P rhyme about all aspects of his life and thoughts, boasting tracks about everything from a hard break-up to his thoughts on humans needing to unite for the greater good.

The brand new mixtape has been released via this very website for free download and those who would like to show their support will be able to buy hard disk copies in the coming days.

Click here to download Try And Stop Me for free


Let The Show Commence
Kick Ass
I Dunno
Not Playing The Fool
Rise Up
Something Fresh ft Bigfoot
Night Ridersft Ruthless
Kick Back
Spread Bud Not War
Grown Ups
Have To Say
New Day
Clear My Chest
Change Of Scenery


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