FREELANCE AUDIO Engineer based within London, England

Key Skills

Paul has specialised knowledge in the following areas of sound engineering

Multitrack Mixing

Using Pro Tools to mix multitrack projects for over ten years. He has worked on all kinds of projects from proffesional analogue studio recordings to soundtrack creation for video.


Recorded a variety of audio projects that range from single track vocal sessions to recording full bands requiring numerous miking techniques for different instruments.


Varying experience in creating audio for visual pieces, which ranges from: sound for commercial sector advertisements to, film scores for animations. Also have experience in field recording, foley and ADR.

Live SOUND engineering

Working in the live sound industry for a number of years has provided experience which is priceless. Completed assessments at degree level which involve the management of front of house sound systems etc.


A little bit about the man behind Just P Audio
A creative audio student at SAE Institute, London

Paul S is an assistant engineer at Audio Haus Studios, Wembley, and student at SAE Instutute, London, in the final year of a bachelors degree in audio production. His key skills are in operation of analogue consoles and DAW systems, specifically Pro Tools, and he has successfully completed a number of productions which range in size and nature. Paul is someone that is happy to venture into unknown territory. This mentality has seen him take a keen interest in creating sound for film, foley and ADR. Paul is currently taking on a number of jobs for his portfolio and experience and would be happy to hear from you if you think he can be of benefit to your project.

  • Operation and knowledge of Pro Tools.

  • Ability to operate analogue and digital consoles

  • General editing and mixing of pre recorded stems

  • Recording sound sources in a number of techniques and situations

Get in touch

If you have a project you would like to get Paul involved on then please do not hesitate to use the contact form below. Be sure to include as much information about the project, and his role within it, as possible.